The Schnauzer Club
of Great Britain

Promoting and safeguarding the interests of Schnauzers, Miniature Schnauzers and Giant Schnauzers since 1929

Health Survey

The annual breed health survey allows us to identify and track health issues in all three sizes of Schnauzers.

Joint Schnauzer Breeds Health Survey Website »

The Joint Breed Health Survey could become a valuable source of information for the future. When the returns are analysed, the results will be announced and published in the Clubs magazines and will be available on this website. This can only happen, if YOU respond.

I know these things are a pain BUT, think of the pleasure your Schnauzer (of any size) gives you, just filling in this form is a simple way of giving something back.

The form is designed to be completed for each dog; if you need more copies, please download another, or ask a committee member to let you have one. Paper copies will be available at the SCGB August and November Open Shows and, if you know someone with a Schnauzer (any size) who is not a member of any of the clubs club, then please ask them to complete on, too. The more data we collate, the better overall picture we can achieve on the health status of the Schnauzer breeds in the UK.

We expect to find it is very healthy! but...only your information can prove it.

Please use the link above. It will take you to a dedicated website where you can enter your survey details online or download a paper copy.

Many thanks in advance