The Schnauzer Club
of Great Britain

Promoting and safeguarding the interests of Schnauzers, Miniature Schnauzers and Giant Schnauzers since 1929

About Us

History of the SCGB

In 1929 a group of enthusiastic Schnauzer owners which included Her Grace the Duchess of Montrose the club's first president, set up The Schnauzer Club of Great Britain, registering with the Kennel Club 12th Oct 1929.

At that time the club's objectives were "to promote the breeding of Schnauzers, to define and publish a description of the breed". The responsibilities of the club have broadened, in May 1946 when membership was extended to owners of Miniature Schnauzers followed in the early 1960's by Giant Schnauzer owners. The club now promotes and safeguards the interests of Schnauzers, Miniature Schnauzers and Giant Schnauzers.

We have a large membership in the UK, also many overseas members. The club actively supports research into health, helps with rescue and re-homing as well as keeping members and non-members informed on all aspects of ownership of the three sizes of Schnauzer.

Benefits of Membership

Members receive the Saga 3 times a year. The Saga is the SCGB magazine for Schnauzer owners. You can attend the SCGB events (some events may charge an entry fee). Members can also attend the SCGB section meetings held throughout the year where you will meet other Schnauzer owners.

Code of Ethics

The Schnauzer Club of Great Britain Code of Ethics is what we expect all members to abide by.

Club Officers


Mr Len Anness

Vice President

Mrs Hilary Lockyer

Vice President

Mrs Frances Krall

Vice President

Mrs Joyce Lee

Vice President

Mr Peter Newman


Mr Bob Kelly

Vice Chairman

Mrs Gail Wise

Hon Secretary

Mrs Elspeth Kelly


Mr Bob Kelly

Committee Member

Mr Kevin Durso

Committee Member

Mrs Rosalind Hole

Committee Member Co-opted

Ms Virginia Bisiker

Committee Member

Mrs Lyetta Hitchman

Committee Member

Mr Tony McDermott

Committee Member

Mrs Claire Morgan

Committee Member

Mrs Lori Lewington

Committee Member

Mr Les Wareham

Committee Member

Mrs Elaine Turnbull

Committee Member

Mr Joe McDonald

Our Judges

The document below lists the judges for the current year.

Kennel Club Breeder Licencing

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Contact the SCGB Secretary

By Phone: 01245 357333

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