The Schnauzer Club
of Great Britain

Promoting and safeguarding the interests of Schnauzers, Miniature Schnauzers and Giant Schnauzers since 1929

Schnauzer Rescue

Schnauzer Rescue is an informal arrangement where some members of the Club act as co-ordinators to put dogs looking for new homes in touch with people looking to give a new home. The prospective owners must reassure themselves that they are aware of the rescue dogs history and will be able to cope.

We advise prospective owners to visit the dog and seriously think about the implications before taking on a rescue.

Be prepared for a long wait as a suitable rescue may not be available.

People with young children should not have a rescue unless it is used to children or they are prepared to be extra vigilant for the first few weeks maybe months.

People wanting to rescue a Schnauzer should contact us for the Schnauzer Rescue contact details.

The SCGB cannot accept responsibility for the behaviour of rescue dogs that it has re-homed.