The Schnauzer Club
of Great Britain

Promoting and safeguarding the interests of Schnauzers, Miniature Schnauzers and Giant Schnauzers since 1929

Pictures from Events and Shows

2006: SCGB Open Show

Rofe-Moss' Reisenheim Capt Fantastic: Aywin's Jafrak Duke OF Earl: Cox's Grovelea Rumba Shcm.

Judge Liz Longdin with stewards Roslind Hole and Tony McDermott in the background

Lockyer's Miccosukees All Spiced Up

Kelly's Mississippi Moonshine

Whittemore's Balmer Never Say Never

Dixon's Andix Strike A Pose

Best in show line up photo taken in garden, left to right is as follows:
BV - Kelly's: Mississippi Moonshine
RBS - Rofe-Moss': Riesenheim Capt Fantastic
Judge - Mrs Liz Longdin
BIS - Dixon's: Andix Strike A Pose
BP - Waring's: Caskayd Cruze Control