The Schnauzer Club
of Great Britain

Promoting and safeguarding the interests of Schnauzers, Miniature Schnauzers and Giant Schnauzers since 1929

Pictures from Events and Shows

2009: Championship Show

Winners of the Breeders Stakes
Mrs H Lockyer Miccosukees

Puppy Lineup
BPIB Bawden and Brown's Khanate April Gem
BPIB Mrs H Cox's Foxwood Hi Faluting (BPIS)
BPIB Brown and Duckett's Bygadsir Lets Get Serious

BOB Miniature Schnauzer
Mr Manser Miss English and Krull's Am and SA. Ch. Repitition's Modus Operandi

BOB Giant Schnauzer
Mr and Mrs Wengler's Ir.Ch.Foxwood Bombshell

BOB Schnauzer
Mrs H Lockyers Miccosukees Give You Extra

The Final Line up (Left to Right):
BIS Giant Schnauzer Mr and Mrs G Wenglers Ir. Ch. Foxwood Bombshell